Relief from tingling in fingers and reduction of numbness in hand.

Joanne C, North Carolina

Within minutes the pain subsides. I wear it every day. If I don't, the pain returns.

Howard M, New Jersey

Alleviated pain and enabled me to sleep without waking from discomfort.

Angela F, New Jersey

Wearing the SilverPro reduced the pain so well that it reduced my need for over the counter pain pills by 90%. 

Michael F, New York

The foot/ankle sleeve warmed my foot and the usual numbness went away.  I also wear SilverPro around my neck and it relieves my pain. 

Lee S, New Jersey

My wrist pain went away.  The ankle/foot sleeve warmed my left ankle and the pain went away. 

Lisa C, New Jersey

It helped remove the sharp pain in my ribs/back.  When I removed the SilverPro the pain was more acute.  

Steve K, Connecticut

Relief was not immediate but after 2 weeks my neck pain was gone and movement improved.The hand/wrist sleeve helped tremendously and the pain from arthritis is only intermittent. 

Sandy G, New Jersey