The secret of SilverPro is a patented combination of genuine silver electroplated nylon yarn and low static carbon fiber, which created the world’s most advanced compression fabric electrode garment for approved pain relief. (The patent for the unique and proprietary silver/carbon fabric was issued in 2016 and FDA 510 K Approval for use as a TENS unit for pain control was awarded in June 2018).


Silver one of nature’s most highly conductive materials and strategically placed carbon fibers are woven into this amazing, durable yet soft, luxurious, ultra fine fiber fabric. Designed to work with your body on a cellular level as it increases energy and relieves pain.

Silver is the number one best conductor of electricity and combined with our carbon core yarn it is able to dissipate electrical charges related to pain. Other copper infused compression garments sold today are unable to do that.

Backed by Years of Research 

Independent Consumer study on 25 subjects, using a wrist band for wrist pain for 14 days found: 

  • 84% subjects found pain to be significantly less. 
  • 72% found pain to be dramatically less without any pain pills. 
  • 92% stated that, for them, SilverPro equaled pain control.

Another recent clinical trial shows low electrical fields placed directly on the body increased the amount of time an athlete’s muscles can be stressed before fatigue occurs.

SilverPro performance electrically conductive garments relieve pain, can extend muscle fatigue time as well as mental well-being from the body’s release of endorphins. (and alertness depending on where the SilverPro garment is worn on the body.)

The extremely low electrical energy directed onto the living organism’s body reacting with the body’s electrical and chemical systems to achieve the beneficial health benefits mentioned above according to published university studies and the National Institute of Health (Washington D.C)